Why Choose Us?

We’re in the people business, and that means that we value our clients’ trust and relationship above all. If you’re looking for a partner in planning your future — then look no further than SSFFA.

We started this business with one goal in mind — provide our clients with peace of mind that their financial matters are being handled safely, securely and seamlessly. When you are a client of SSF Financial Advisers, you can be assured that your financial goals are being supported with trust, experience and flexibility. Your future is in your hands, we’re simply here to help you maximize your potential. 



Your financial information is one of the most sacred and personal things you can share with another person. With more than a decade of experience, we have built our reputation around integrity and the commitment to our clients’ success, not a commission check.


As both CPAs and financial advisers, we have the foundation to create an all-encompassing view of your investment planning while maintaining a keen eye on tax considerations. Our strong affiliation with the CPA firm, Sensiba San Filippo, and other professional service firms means that you have access to a network of professionals ready to take a multi-faceted approach to your success.


We have the flexibility to craft a strategy conducive to your goals while being mindful of your individual circumstances. We consider every possibility available and will never limit you to proprietary products or a one-size fits all solution.